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Our Other Tornado Protection Products

At Stormrooms of America, we manufacture life saving products that will help protect you from nature's fury.  


The StormRoom™ is an in-home, above-ground hurricane and tornado shelter that is engineered to withstand the strongest of storms.


ForceShield Tornado Doors are also engineered to withstand the strongest of storms, look beautiful inside your home, and at your request can be built to include bullet-resistant material provided by ForceShield Tornado Doors, LLC.  


For more information on either of these products, click the buttons below.


The StormRoom™ pictured above was hit by an EF-5 tornado in 2011.  The homeowner and his three dogs were inside it when it was hit, and were completely unharmed.

Available in 32"x80" or 36"x80", nine decorative styles, and optional security and/or ballistic protection

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