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Occupancy Rating:

7 Persons


(22.97 sq. ft. divided by 3 sq. ft. per person = 7.66)


6'8" Tall

Size Details

7'6" long

3'5" Deep

Appearance Details

Glossy white exterior is easy to clean and will look great in any garage, outbuilding, or even as a standalone in the back yard. 

Glossy white interior is easy to light up, making the shelter feel bright and roomy.

Door Details

Engineered and constructed of 1/4" thick, precision formed steel, with internal reinforcement bars placed for maximum strength, the door swings inward to reduce the risk of entrapment by storm debris. It is two feet wide and six feet tall.

Exterior heavy-duty dead bolt lock allows the shelter to double as storage for valuables. 

Interior lock release overrides exterior keyed lock, and prevents you from being locked in by an intruder.

Four one-inch diameter by seven-inch long solid steel door pins, simultaneously engage into the steel door frame with a 1/4 turn of the lever handle.

Four one-inch diameter by five-inch long solid steel, welded ball-bearing hinges.

Venting Details

Four vents, each consisting of three 1 1/2" diameter holes covered by a 3/8" thick steel shroud, provides passive airflow and equalization of pressure during a tornado event. 

Anchoring Details

There are twenty 1/4" thick anchor tabs welded to the interior wall of the shelter.  We supply twenty 1/2" x 4" Simpson Strong-Tie Titen HD anchors, along with instructions for proper installation of the anchors.

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